Rules, Eligibility

Eligibility for membership as stated in the by-laws:

Article III

Membership in The Society:

Section 1. Qualifications for membership. Membership shall be composed of those persons eighteen years of age or older, who can prove legitimate, direct bloodline descent from any person who was elected or served a term or any part of a term as the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky upon inauguration or pursuant to the administration of the constitutional oath of office, or from any person who was the spouse of the said governor during said term or part thereof , or designated as the official host or hostess of the said governor during said term or part thereof, all as set forth on "The Schedule of Qualifying Ancestors" of The Society, or as may be hereafter be proven to the satisfaction of this Society by official certified or otherwise duly authenticated documents.

Membership for those persons identified herein is subject to all provisions of these By-Laws, including, but not limited to, the application process set forth in Article III hereof. All persons admitted to membership hereunder shall constitute "The General Membership of The Shelby Society, Incorporated." Members shall be deemed to be in good standing if all sums due from said member for any fees, dues, assessments, or any other costs are paid in full, and said member is not in any other manner in blatant, intentional, or continuing violation of the By-Laws.