As descendants of Kentucky's 59 Governors, we are dedicated to preserving and advancing our great Commonwealth.

Celeste Chandler Lewis

"I adored my grandfather and learned so much from both my grandparents.  The Shelby Society allows me to continue their dedication to Kentucky and to celebrate my grandfather's proud history as a two term Kentucky governor with the good work The Shelby Society is involved in today."

Jessica Gay Bell Nicholson

"Membership in The Shelby Society is a great way to connect with others who share the unique bond of each having an ancestor who was governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  It is also satisfying to use this vehicle to give back to the state in the name of those former governors."

John Y. Brown III

"The Shelby Society provides a common and enjoyable tie with descendants of other governors"

Governor Louie B. Nunn

Most Kentuckians come to appreciate the horse very early in life, but perhaps very few come to fully understand how truly significant the horse industry is to the progress of our Commonwealth and to the nation.  

The Public Papers of Gov. Louie B. Nunn 1967-1971, August 15, 1971, The Jockey Club, Saratoga Springs, New York